ridstar e bike

Ridstar Foldable E-bike H20


  1. Necesito una batería para este modelo de bicicleta, ya que llevo 4 meses con la misma y se me quemó, no sé si tenga garantía y en dónde puedo conseguirla? , y si es permitido colocar una batería de 52v 17AH,?

  2. I’ve just bought a Ridstar H20 2000w, and am exited like I’m a teenager, I’m 76. Can’t wait for delivery. I would like to find a genuine revue of it practicality and performances, if you could send me a link to some such revue I’d really appreciate that. Tony

    • Did you received, I want to buy one but I don]t know people that bought already.
      Are you enjoying it?

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